About Us

We are a team of technocrats, traders, investors, and innovators. And we have teamed up together to create the world’s largest and most trusted FINTECH MARKETPLACE where we will share FINTECH world’s latest updates, news, articles, and companies.

We live in a globalized world that is still not inclusive on many fronts. Financial inclusiveness can bring greater changes in the lives of people all over the world.

While many activists talk about financial inclusion in third world countries and they are right so, but the access to financial infrastructure and markets is not as convenient and smooth as it should be even in developed countries.

Financial Technologies have gone through rapid changes and innovations in the past decade. There still is great scope for further innovations.

Large organizations are working on innovative solutions but what is more encouraging is small start-ups are coming up with innovative solutions which are very effective. Maybe because their team comes from the same class of people who they are targeting and understand their problems, troubles, and pains.